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“I like to take care of my family, represent my clients and friends,
and at the same time enjoy life.”

A quick glance back a quarter century at the life of this civil, municipal and criminal defense lawyer may look like a list out of “Who’s Who.” This illustrious career of politics leroy on mountainand law has brought LeRoy Hartley in contact with such influential persons as Bill Blass, Chuck Colson, Truman Capote, John Mitchell, Edwin Edwards, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Elliott Richardson, Janet Reno and even Carlos Marcellos. Yet, the real joy for this veteran strategist is not just working with leading names, but knowing the judicial and political systems and using them to his advantage. Whether a client can be helped or a cause promoted, it is through the legal process that he will achieve his goal.

There are few airs about this seasoned counselor. Behind closed doors or in an open courtroom, he is exactly who he appears to be–a firm believer in the established course of due process with his own strict code of ethics. Judges know this and clients respect this as they do his tenacity and skill. He has lived his entire life as a man of God, giving of himself to others, his community, and his country.

Whenever there has been a wrong against the individual he has argued decisively; wherever there has been a breakdown within the judiciary system, he has battled to correct it; when there has been an injustice against society, he has raised a commanding voice. Inside or outside the courtroom, there is only room for what is right, and for LeRoy Hartley that is the law and our Constitution.